Big Banyan Rosa Rossa

Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
May 19, 2017

Big Banyan Rosa Rossa

Winery:   Big Banyan Wines

Region – Country:   Nashik Valley - India

Grape Variety:   Zinfandel

Vintage:   NA

Bottle size:   750ml

Alcohol Content:   12% vol

Tasting Notes:
The blush of pleasure is the colour of this wine. When you hold your glass up, you can see the delightful pink of cherries. As the light glints off, little specks of violet and pink flirt with you. To woo your senses further, this wine has a fragrant burst of berries and cherries. It leaves you intrigued, wanting to take a sip. This wine is divine, all the way! Rosa Rossa is light bodied with just the right acidity. And to finish it off, it is sublimely smooth.

Food Pairing:
Rossa Rosa is always game for a party. You can serve it as an aperitif, with finger food, appetizers and soft cheeses. You can also pair it with preparations of fish and poultry. Or give it a go with oriental stir-fries.

Serving Temperature:   8° - 10° C