About Wines From India

Wines from India – A Consortium of ‘The Next New World Wine Region’

The Wines from India Consortium was Founded by Prem Jolly, in order to transform the passion of Indian wine producers into worldwide distribution and availability. As one of the subsidiaries of Premia Wines Ltd, based in London and Mumbai. WFIC has the backing of a world-class company with established expertise in wine import/export and distribution.

The unique terroir of the Western Ghats (mountains) of India create an opportunity to produce some truly innovative wines. India now has over 50 producers and more than 400 different wines. Many of the vineyards are carefully cultivated by Indian families passionate about creating world-class wines. The old-world-trained Indian winemakers are harnessing the power of innovative ideas, combined with the tools and techniques of traditional processes. The Indian wine industry is in its infancy, but ready to burst onto the scene with dramatic growth forecasted in the coming years.

We are honoured to offer wine distributors, sommeliers, restaurants and wine lovers a taste of these unique wines. This is also an opportunity to be part of a revolution happening in the next new wine region to be introduced to the world. India has mainly been working primarily with the varietals of chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc, zinfandel, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon. Now, there are some amazing new wines featuring sangiovese, reisling and even pinot noir. Up until the London Wine Fair, Indian wines have rarely been available outside of India. The exotic culture of India translates into delicious food and wine pairings that go beyond any one type of cuisine.

Prem Jolly
Founder & CEO
Wines from India and Premia Wines Ltd